Stratum Spring Swap

Stratum Spring Swap


During the 2014 meet season, I've noticed several coaches at events struggling to change the number of springs in the Stratum 8-Coil Vault Board (product #407-228). The best way to accommodate different size athletes is to have multiple spring boards which vary in spring number (5, 6 or 8). Since this is not always practical, it's important to educate on the proper and easy way to remove and add springs on the Stratum Vault Board.

The most common error is lifting the open end of the board up so high that it's almost in the vertical position. This is incorrect and does not provide the coach with proper leverage to compress the spring.


Incorrect board angle. The board is too elevated to gain sufficient leverage.


The correct angle to position the board can be achieved by standing in a lunge position and placing the open end of the board firmly against the thigh, just above the knee. This ensures that the coach has sufficient leverage to compress the spring before attempting to pull the spring away from the retaining washers/bolt.


Using the proper board angle will make spring removal/addition much faster and easier.


Fingers should never be used to squeeze the coils together as this is ineffective and could result in injury. It is much easier to grip the top of the spring (narrow end) using the area of the hand between the thumb and pointer finger. The non-dominate hand should overlap the dominate hand and both should be placed as near to the top of the coil as possible.


Proper grip. Second hand should be placed on top of first with the same grip position.


Pressing downward, towards the knee, allow the spring to clear the retaining washers/bolt. A firm pull backwards, towards the body, will release the spring from the board. The process is the same to add springs; compression of the spring occurs just before pushing the top of the spring under the retaining washers/bolt.


Spring is pulled back towards the body; fully disengaging from retaining washers/bolt.


Now that you know the fastest and easiest way to add and remove springs, please help spread the word at all your future events. The best board just got a little bit easier.


Jason Heartsfield
AAI Eastern Regional Sales Manager