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AAI Cheer Ambassadors

 AAI Cheer supports these talented athletes and recognizes them as leaders in the cheer community.


Tribe Athletics

AAI proudly supports Tribe Athletics as the new Exclusive Equipment Supplier to their Iowa gym. Tribe Athletics' goal and mission is for every athlete who comes to the program to be taught, trained, and developed into a better athlete and competitor as well as a better person. They always want to give their athletes a chance to perform and compete with better-than-average opportunities to finish with better-than-average results. We are so thrilled to join their Tribe!


Top Gun All Stars

 top gun aai cheer ambassadors

AAI proudly supports Top Gun as the Exclusive Equipment Supplier to their Miami gym. Top Gun's internationally-ranked staff represent some of the country's most diverse and innovative coaches and choreographers. Top Gun staff's dedication and commitment to their athletes and their industry is what keeps them as a recurring and prominent force in the All Star community.


Rockstar Championships

After many years of coaching all-stars, and judging around the country for various competition companies, Rockstar Cheer and Dance Championships was developed in 2007 with a goal of providing quality, organized and professional competitions. Rockstar hosted its first competition in 2008 in Edmond, OK and is now going into its 8th year. Rockstar is expanding more than ever! Rockstar competitions have premium stage lighting, BIG SOUND, and quality competition. Rockstar is setting the bar higher for all of the "branded" companies. However, the organization prides itself in being an independent family owned company. AAI looks forward to being a partner to this great organization and experiencing the Rockstar difference!

USA Sports Production

USA Sports Production is an industry leader in the design, organization and production of cheer and dance competitions across the United States. The main focus of USA Sports Production is to work with sports clubs around the country to help them host their own competitions at the highest level by combining our event expertise with high standards and quality values. By combining event expertise with old fashioned values and high standards, it is the organization's goal to provide a fun, first class, contemporary competition where all participants can share in a great competition experience. AAI is excited to partner with USA Sports Production to provide cheer equipment for the 2016 Champions Cup Series Cheer & Dance events. The series is for all types of programs, including All-Star, School, Youth League, Special Olympics, Stunt Group, Partner Stunt, Individual, Duo and Trio.

Kori Wilbourn

kori wilbourn aai cheer ambassadors

"My main goal in being involved in the public eye is to motivate and inspire athletes in a faith-based way to be the best they can be while being who they were truly created to be, not who others expect them to be. Thanks to AAI for believing in me to allow my voice to be heard more, while working with your amazing products that so many of us have grown up with and trained on!"  -Kori Wilbourn


Dane Hilbert

dane hilbert aai cheer ambassadors

Dane Hilbert was an undergraduate collegiate cheerleader for 4 years, competing in the UCA National Championship (3 years) and the NCA College National Championships (1 year). Dane also cheered on Top Gun 005 under Victor and Kristen Rosario in 2014. During his cheer career, Dane worked at Woodward Cheer Camp as a cheer coach and also traveled abroad to Australia to teach stunt clinics with Top Gun and The Cheer Leader Magazine.

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