American Athletics: Club Birch Spring Deck

Club Birch Spring Deck

Product Overview

Spring Deck is more affordable, making it possible to put spring in your gym

  • Deck best used for lower level gymnastics and cheerleading
  • Each deck panel is constructed form 12mm Russian Birch ranging in sizes of 2' x 2' to 5' x 5' depending on the floor size
  • Deck utilizes 2" diameter x 4" long springs, aluminum channels, and secured together with hook and loop fasteners
  • Springs are evenly distributed throughout the floor to avoid dead spots 

Item Numbers

  • 432-472  40' x 40' Birch Spring Deck (12m x 12m)  wt. 2900 lbs. (1315kg)
  • 432-474  42' x 42' Birch Spring Deck (12.8m x 12.8m)  wt. 3300 lbs. (1496kg)
  • 432-476  42' x 54' Birch Spring Deck (12.8m x 16.45m)  wt. 4200 lbs. (1905kg)

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