American Athletics: Velstick<sup>®</sup> Wall Moulding

Velstick® Wall Moulding

Product Overview

Adheres mats to the wall for safety and storage.
  • Velstick® is a 2-3/4’’ (70mm) wide aluminum extrusion, with a 1-3/4’’ (44mm) wide plastic backed Velcro® insert in center channel
  • Standard Velstick® comes with pile (loop) Velcro®
  • Use to hang EM and IM model folding mats


Item Numbers

  • 422-504 - Velstick® 4' (1.2m) Section
  • 422-505 - Velstick® 5' (1.5m) Section
  • 422-506 - Velstick® 6' (1.8m) Section

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