American Athletics: Minitramp Teamgym

Minitramp Teamgym

Product Overview

  • A Minitramp that appeals to gymnasts that demand an apparatus with particularly high stability, durability and an extraordinary performance
  • The apparatus was originally developed for Euroteam contest
  • Due to a special frame construction with flat oval frame and large standing areas, it is a springboard trampoline for top-level sports, high-performance acrobatics, show groups that all have reached the performance limit of the previous Minitramp apparatus
  • Wheels for easier transport & movable anti-slip plates
  • Adjustable in height

  • Item Numbers
  • 403-115  Minitramp Teamgym 6x6 - wt. 128 lbs. (58kg)
  • 403-116  Minitramp Teamgym 4x4 - wt. 128 lbs. (58kg)

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