American Athletics: International ELITE™ Rhythmic Floor System

International ELITE™ Rhythmic Floor System

Product Overview

Designed for the beauty and grace of the rhythmic athlete.

  • FIG Approved
  • Meets FIG and USAG competition specifications
  • Floor system consists of:
    • 61 floor panels with foam block supports
    • 16 ½” (42cm) sloped foam border to surround the deck, then covered with a tan velour carpet to create a finished area of 48’ (14.6m) square with red tape to locate the performing surface
  • Includes 432-378 Rhythmic Reflex Floor, 432-375 Rhythmic Foam Border, and 432-278 Rhythmic Carpet


Item Numbers

  • 432-379 - International ELITE™ Rhythmic Floor Exercise System 48' (14.6m) square  - wt. 5053 lbs. (2292kg)
  • 432-279 - Domestic Carpet 48' Square  - wt. 1086 lbs. (494kg)

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