EVO®-Elite Rings

The EVO®-Elite Rings have a 40% lighter frame that allows for an easy set-up, yet provides the solid
performance athletes need.


  • Reflex spring-loaded swivel assembly helps reduce the impact on the gymnasts shoulders and back
  • Heavy webbing straps include a leather insert to help reduce wear on the rings allowing a secure grip for enhanced performance
  • New tubular design provides added strength to the unit
  • Adjustments from 280-290cm for taller gymnastics when needed
  • Dual adjustments at reflex swivel and at the foot of the unit for fine adjustments
  • 3/8” cable system used for improved stability and performance

Item Numbers

  • 407-911 – EVO®-Elite Adjustable Ring Tower
  • 407-917 – EVO®-Elite Fixed Ring Tower
Recommendation: American Athletic, Inc. STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that the RINGS be replaced every three years to reduce the possibility of ring breakage. The newer moves being performed are applying greater impact loads the ring and its support structure.
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