G2N™ Monkey Bars

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Monkey bars create endless angles of entertainment and challenges for all levels

  • Monkey Bars are a great and fun way to improve upper body and abdominal strength while trying to cross the rig
  • Whether you are learning to just hang, or are capable of going form one bar to the next, this monkey bar is just what the kids need
  • You can also attach the monkey bars to the outside of the rig with the Ladder Leg (405-241) and angle it as a mounting device to your rig
  • Easily adjust the height, location, and spacing for new challenges for every class
  • Use multiple attachments together to make it more interesting
  • Use with the foot attachment to climb up and into the unit

Item Numbers

  • 405-231 – G2N™ Monkey Bars
  • 405-241 – G2N™ Optional Monkey Bar Leg
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