Pommel Buck


  • Complete system includes covered body, two pommels, two pistons and a base
  • Horse body is constructed using 14 gauge steel shell, covered with a 2-piece 18mm thick polyethylene foam cut, shaped and fitted to the body contour. The body is then wrapped with a high quality, durable material molded to assure smoothness while being securely staple stitched on the underside
  • Height Adjustment from 37 ½” to 53” (135cm)
  • Pommel can be adjusted in width from 15 ¾” (40cm) to 18 ½” (47cm) and are easily removed
  • Pommel buck also has center hole, and can be used as single pommel buck
  • Spin and snap locks are welded to the base cylinders allowing easy height adjustment by one person

Item Numbers

  • 406-300 Pommel Buck – wt. 186 lbs. (84kg)
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