Stratum® Secure Connect Deck


The Stratum® Secure Connect is ideal for high-level competition and training. Its fiberglass composite material gives the gymnasts a very proactive, stable and uniform performance surface.

  • Each 4’ x 8’ (122 x 244cm) floor panel is supported by 32 ELITE™ Power Springs
  • AAI’s 4” ELITE™ Power Spring system allows for a more reactive floor, allowing the gymnast to train more effectively
  • The AAI Stratum® Secure Connect offers you the best value for your investment
  •  With new connection system there is no need for straps, allowing for a faster assembly
  • 5 year Stratum® Deck Warranty (contact AAI at 800-247-3978 for more details)

Item Numbers

  • 432-497 Stratum® Secure Connect 40’ (12m) square – wt. 5502 lbs. (2495kg)
  • 432-429 Stratum® Secure Connect  42’ (12.8m) square – wt. 5664 lbs. (2569kg)
  • 432-428 Stratum® Secure Connect  44’ (13.4m) square – wt. 6390 lbs. (2898kg)
  • 432-492 Stratum® Secure Connect 46′ (14m) square – wt. 7659 lbs. (3474kg)