Richard Gishi

“We love our gym and the fact that we outfitted our club with 100% AAI equipment creates a very pleasing and professional facility. Our equipment has functioned as designed and never failed us. It is very low maintenance and we highly recommend purchasing AAI equipment and mats.”

Thomas Glielmi

“We have always used AAI gymnastics equipment. They continue to improve on what is already great equipment. But what has kept us going back is the customer service. They have been so helpful, it is like having another staff member working on keeping our gym up to date and highly functional.”

Mark Russo

“The University of Washington trains on AAI equipment because we compete at the highest level of collegiate competiton and need the equipment that is preferred by the collegiate community. We have a great relationship with our local AAI dealer who provides outstanding customer service.”

Greg Marsden

“AAI has been the University of Utah’s gymnastics equipment supplier since 1976. Without exception, AAI has provided our program outstanding equipment and excellent customer service. We are proud to have shared over half of AAI’s 60 year history.”

Margaret Morrison

“San Mateo Gymnastics has used AMF/AAI equipment since 1977. We train boys and girls at all JO levels and Elite. AAI has been our choice for equipment due to their superb standards that allow our gymnasts to train in a safe environment. AAI continually strives to make advances and bring us the best and latest … Continued

Justin Howell

“Safety, quality, state of the art equipment, redefining the sport of gymnastics…that’s what AAI has been about for the past 60 years. As a coach, it’s a comforting feeling to walk into an arena and see AAI equipment. AAI always puts the safety of the athletes first, and puts them in the best position to … Continued

Dave Marus & Jaycie Phelps

“AAI’s latest spotting block is an absolute homerun. As gym owners our equipment is a huge investment and we want to know we are getting durability and longevity with the products we purchase. The materials and design have shown this to be a very durable product that will be usable from now until the far … Continued

Brad Harris

“AAI equipment allows us to stay on the cutting edge of gymnastics training. AAI apparatus is the best!”

Tom Koll

“As the Women’s Program National Junior Olympic Committee Chair, I have the opportunity to work with many of the AAI representatives at state and regional levels both in the competitive venue and through clinics and workshops. Their commitment to supporting USA gymnastics is outstanding! I know that whenever I will be at an event where … Continued

Mike Jacki

“The gymnasts of the world have been the beneficiaries of AAI’s creativity and innovative efforts to always allow the athlete to dictate and control their destiny and the future of the sport… never allowing the equipment to prevent the sports future development. For this, everyone who participates in and enjoys the sport of gymnastics has … Continued