Announcing the 2024 AAI Award Finalists…

  1. Luisa Blanco | University of Alabama
  2. Haleigh Bryant | Louisiana State University
  3. Audrey Davis | University of Oklahoma
  4. Maile O’Keefe | University of Utah
  5. Gabby Wilson | University of Michigan
  6. Raena Worley | University of Kentucky

Congratulations to the final 6 gymnasts nominated for the 2024 American Award! This prestigious honor is a testament to your hard work and dedication. The winner will be announced at the 2024 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth, Texas.

2024 Nominees!

For over 40 years, AAI has proudly presented the AAI Award, honoring the most outstanding senior female gymnast in the country. Often likened to the Heisman Trophy for Women’s Gymnastics, this prestigious award has become a symbol of excellence in the sport.

“It’s been an incredible privilege to witness and be a part of the impact the AAI Award has on these exceptional individuals over the past 20 years,” said Lisa Ebersole, Marketing Manager for AAI. “The AAI Award is more than just an honor; it’s a testament to the dedication and passion for the sport. I’m excited to see how the AAI Award continues to evolve and recognize even more outstanding individuals in the years to come.”

The AAI Award is a coach’s award, facilitated by AAI. Each year, head coaches are invited to submit nominations for the candidates they believe deserve this recognition. This year, an impressive 50 athletes were nominated, showcasing the depth of talent in women’s gymnastics.

The 2024 AAI Nominees are:

  1. Shania Adams | University of Alabama
  2. Alyssa Al-Ashari | Northern Illinois University
  3. Courtney Blackson | Boise State University
  4. Luisa Blanco | University of Alabama
  5. Raisa Boris | Eastern Michigan University
  6. Brianna Brooks | Utah state University
  7. Aria Brusch | Auburn University
  8. Haleigh Bryant | Louisiana State University
  9. Chae Campbell | University of California, Los Angeles
  10. Audrey Davis | University of Oklahoma
  11. Kinsey Davis | University of Nebraska
  12. Brooke Donabedian | Temple University
  13. Katie Finnegan | University of Georgia
  14. Margzetta Frazier | University of California, Los Angeles
  15. Gianna Gerdes | University of Minnesota
  16. Kylie Gorgenyi | University of New Hampshire
  17. Gayla Griswold | Lindenwood University
  18. Malia Hargrove | University of Arizona
  19. Olivia Hollingsworth | Auburn University
  20. Mya Hooten | University of Minnesota
  21. Jessica Hutchinson | University of Denver
  22. Maddie Johnston | Penn State University
  23. Skylar Killough-Wilhelm | University of Washington
  24. Angelica Labat | Illinois State University
  25. Ellie Lazzari | University of Florida
  26. Emily Leese | Rutgers University
  27. Andi Li | University of California
  28. Lauren Macpherson | San Jose State University
  29. Alondra Maldonado | Talladega College
  30. Chloe Negrete | North Carolina State University
  31. Victoria Nguyen | University of Florida
  32. Maile O’Keefe | University of Utah
  33. Nya Reed | University of California, Los Angeles
  34. Payton Richards | University of Florida
  35. Elease Rollins | Brigham Young University
  36. Jensen Scalzo | University of Arkansas
  37. Hannah Scharf | Arizona State University
  38. Sienna Schreiber | University of Missouri
  39. Emma Silberman | University of Maryland
  40. Ragan Smith | University of Oklahoma
  41. Cassie Stevens | Auburn University
  42. Mia Takekawa | University of Illinois
  43. Megan Teter | Ball State University
  44. Lauren Thomas | Iowa State University
  45. Hallie Thompson | University of North Carolina
  46. Rebecca Wells | Clemson University
  47. Chloe Widner | Stanford University
  48. Gabby Wilson | University of Michigan
  49. Daisy Woodring | Texas Woman’s University
  50. Raena Worley | University of Kentucky

AAI is proud to support NCAA Gymnastics and recognizes the achievements and dedication of all the AAI Award Finalists as well as all gymnasts within the sport.

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Lisa Ebersole

Marketing Manager, AAI/Spalding