G2N® Slide Bar with Rings

The Slide Bar with Rings is a fun attachment to add to your G2N®. It puts your upper body and core strength to the test.


Grab a hold of the rings and use your momentum to swing across to the other side.

  • Great for working on grip & arm strength while flying across the rig
  • Go from 1 ring to 2 rings while you are sliding across the pole
  • For added fun, get the bolster bag so you can “HUG” on while you swing across
  • Do you have what it takes to hang on the rings and swing down the slide pole?
  • Slide bar is made of sturdy 1-1/2″ pipe with an attachment at each end to put on the unit
  • Height attachment raises the pipe 4″ to allow an incline for more of a challenge
  • 2 rings are included with the pipe and height attachment

Item Numbers

  • 405-294 – G2N® Slide Bar with Rings