Elite™ Kids Ninja

Our Elite™ Kids Ninja line is composed of development apparatus and accessories. Made from the same high-quality materials as our competitive equipment. The Elite™ Kids Gym Horizontal Bar not only serves as the main component of the Gym system, but as the base for the Ninja system as well. A multi-purpose apparatus – bonus! Choose the accessories and make it your own!

Create Your Own Elite™ Kids Ninja System

1. If you already have our Elite™ Kids Gym System, take the horizontal bars from it to use as the base. No worries if you don’t, just choose how many sets of horizontal bars you want.

2. Select the Ninja Monkey Bar or Ninja Monkey Bar with the Ladder

3. Choose your attachments! From Ninja Rings, Step Swings, and Pipe Swings to Floating Planks.

4. Don’t forget the mat!



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