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Already have AAI’s Elite Kids Gym Equipment in your Preschool area? Want to add more benefit to the equipment and your pocket? Do some rearranging and add our NEW Elite Kids Ninja Accessories to develop Lil Ninja’s!

Check out all the accessories to Mix & Match!
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Preschool Gymnasts to Little Ninjas to G2N Ninjas

Preschool Gymnasts to Little Ninjas to G2N Ninjas

AAI has made it so whatever age child you have in your gym, AAI can help increase their strength, gain confidence, and conquer any obstacle that you build. Preschool Beginners? Start of with AAI’s Elite Kids The AAI Elite Kids Gym line of products is a favorite for coaches and teachers and children between the … Continued

Handstand Course Blowout Sale!

Handstand Course Blowout Sale!

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Convert Elite Kids to Elite Kids Ninja!

Convert Elite Kids to Elite Kids Ninja!

The AAI Elite Kids Gym line of products is a favorite for coaches and teachers and children between the ages of 2-12. It’s an essential developmental apparatus to teach beginner gymnastics while made of the same raw materials as AAI Elite products. With additional stations available, this modular circuit can be specifically designed to meet … Continued

Gym Care: Clutter to Clarity

Gym Care: Clutter to Clarity

With the new year comes resolutions, organization, goal setting.  Most of us kick off the new year saying we’re going to do more of this and less of that so we can accomplish more and realize more of our goals.    I believe that all gym owners share the goal of making their gyms safer.  I … Continued

Uneven Bar Cables. Uptight or Flexible?

Uneven Bar Cables. Uptight or Flexible?

Perhaps the fastest piece of equipment to wear out in your gym is your cable tighteners on your uneven bar cables.  If you find yourself frequently replacing the rollers in your cable tighteners….. GOOD!  You are taking the right steps to save wear and tear on other parts of your bars. First let’s look at … Continued

G2N Product Release

G2N Product Release

AAI proudly introduces the G2N™ product line where gymnastics meets Ninja with Jonathan Horton as the lead spokesman. JEFFERSON, IA – April 2018 — American Athletic, Inc. (AAI), the leading U.S. manufacturer of gymnastics equipment in all categories, is happy to have two-time Olympian and American Ninja Warrior Jonathan Horton back with the AAI team to promote … Continued

“I’ve trained and competed on AAI equipment so many times in my life, that I couldn’t be happier to now be supporting the brand.”

Laurie Hernandez

“I feel my first hand experiences have really helped me develop a pretty good perspective in regards to “what’s good” and “what’s not” when it comes to the gym equipment out there in today’s market. Without a shred of doubt, I can honestly say that regardless of which point of view I look at it from, AAI’s products are the ABSOLUTE BEST! No other gym equipment supply company I’ve come across matches the craftsmanship and durability in every AAI product.”

“It’s nice to know that I didn’t just buy equipment from a vendor but rather forged relationships with a company that will benefit my business for years to come and people that genuinely have an interest in my company’s success. One really does get what they pay for and AAI has been worth every penny! Partnering with AAI was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made!”

Victor Rosario
Founder and President, Top Gun All Stars

“We love our gym and the fact that we outfitted our club with 100% AAI equipment creates a very pleasing and professional facility. Our equipment has functioned as designed and never failed us. It is very low maintenance and we highly recommend purchasing AAI equipment and mats.”

Richard Gishi & Rod Maralit
Head Coach & Facility Director

“We have always used AAI gymnastics equipment. They continue to improve on what is already great equipment. But what has kept us going back is the customer service. They have been so helpful, it is like having another staff member working on keeping our gym up to date and highly functional.”

Thomas Glielmi
Head Coach Men's Gymnastics, Stanford University

“The University of Washington trains on AAI equipment because we compete at the highest level of collegiate competiton and need the equipment that is preferred by the collegiate community. We have a great relationship with our local AAI dealer who provides outstanding customer service.”

Mark Russo
Head Men's Gymnastics Coach, University of Washington
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