Gymnastics Meets Ninja!

Our G2N® line is composed of units, attachments, accessories, mats, and curriculums. The units are made of high-quality steel that provides strength and stability while kids of all ages challenge their skills. Choose from our freestanding or wall-mounted units, a variety of sizes, and configurations. Your gym doesn’t need to fit G2N®, G2N® fits your gym!

Build Your Own G2N® Package!

  1. Choose the unit height – 8′ or 10′
  2. Select the type of unit – Wall-Mounted or Freestanding
  3. Choose the unit length – 5′ or 10′
  4. Select your attachments – items that hang on the unit
  5. Pick additional accessories (if needed) – soft goods
  6. Don’t forget the mat(s)!
  7. Warp Wall (why not?!) – Master or Wizard?

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