AAI has made it so whatever age child you have in your gym, AAI can help increase their strength, gain confidence, and conquer any obstacle that you build.

Preschool Beginners?

Start of with AAI’s Elite Kids

Gymnastics to Ninjas
Elite Kids Gym Four-Station Circuit

The AAI Elite Kids Gym line of products is a favorite for coaches and teachers and children between the ages of 2-12. It’s an essential developmental apparatus to teach beginner gymnastics while made of the same raw materials as AAI Elite products. With additional stations available, this modular circuit can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your of any type of preschool or recreational programs.

Preschoolers ready to become Ninjas?

With the Elite Kids Gym Equipment, you can rearrange and add New Elite Kids Ninja accessories to develop beginners into little ninjas!

Gymnastics to Ninjas

Ninja-like obstacle courses provide just the right degree of physical challenge, problem solving, exploration, socialization, and fun. With Elite Kids Ninja, AAI has taken measures to give your preschoolers a chance to be Ninjas too! With a slightly smaller unit and easier attachments, your preschool ninja will be able to build confidence to conquer any combination unit put together. Your little ninjas get to experience fun exercise while learning new and creative movements. They learn, move, and build confidence.

Gymnastics to Ninjas


Little Ninjas not so Little Anymore?

Keeping your recreational programs full is the foundation to a healthy business, but keeping them full all year long can tough. Customize your own ninja courses by mixing and matching individual pieces. Pair that up with our comprehensive curriculum and the possibilities are endless!

Gymnastics to Ninjas

The interest in Ninja perfectly coincides with other societal changes such as an increased sedentary lifestyle, a decrease in active play, a reduction in physical education, and an increased reliance on handheld technology.  Everything from focus on safety to dual working parents have contributed to children’s decrease in physical activity.  No more can we just send them out to play, let them ride their bikes to school, or lead them in active recess or daily gym class. Television, video, and movies have captured the attention of children with creativity and excitement.   By making physical fitness creative and fun, we can win them back.  We need to convince them that it’s more fun to be the Ninja, then watch them. 

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