Adjustable Club Balance Beam

AAI’s Adjustable Club Balance Beam allows for easy height changes to accommodate athletes and coaches at all levels.


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Adjustable Club Balance Beams

Take your gymnastics balance beam training to new heights. The Adjustable Club Balance Beam adapts to all skill levels. One person can easily raise the beam from 50cm all the way up to 125cm by using the spin locks located on the bottom of the beam. Begin by loosening the spin lock, then pulling down on the snap lock, lifting the beam and then choosing your desired height. Finally, ensure the snap lock clicks into place, and tighten the spin lock. Once you are done adjusting on both ends of the beam, you’re set to begin training. The ease of adjustment can be completed by coaches or athletes – it’s that simple.

This balance beam is crafted with a slip-resistant material that’s designed to give the athlete stability and confidence while executing skills. It also features a dual-layer cushion top, consisting of ¼” (6mm) layer of foam and ¼” (6mm) layer of neoprene rubber. The end caps fit tightly into the ends of the beam, padded for additional protection. Protect your gymnasts during falls or dismounts off the adjustable balance beam by choosing a landing mat and beam leg pads (product number #416-540).

Width of Balance Beam and Dimensions

The balance beam dimensions measure 16’ 4” long by 4” wide (5m x 10cm) and weighs 417 lbs. (189 kg). The top surface of the beam consists of a dual-layered cushion, featuring ¼” (6mm) foam and ¼” (6mm) layer of neoprene rubber.

Gymnastics Balance beam Characteristics

Crafted with a durable, suede-like, slip-resistant material designed to give the athlete the desired traction, stability, and confidence while executing all skills. The urethane spring maintains shock-absorbing properties through repeated impacts. With the ability to adjust the height from 50cm to 125cm, the adjustable balance beam caters to athletes of all skill levels. Whether you’re developing basic beam skills or training at the elite level, the beam adapts to your needs. It meets competition specifications for USAG, NCAA® and NFHS, as well as accommodates FIG, USAG, NCAA® and NFHS mat specifications.


Easy, one-person adjustability between 50cm and 125cm heights to accommodate gymnasts of various ages and skill levels.

High-Quality Material

Top surface of the beam has a ¼” (6 mm) thick layer of sponge foam and a ¼” (6 mm) layer of neoprene rubber. The blue, powder coat finish on the steel legs, resists chipping, fading and typical wear and tear found in average finishes.

Shock Absorbing Properties

Urethane spring maintains shock-absorbing properties through repeated impacts over time.

Slip-Resistant Material

A durable, suede-like, slip-resistant material covers the beam and provides optimal stability for the athlete.


AAI crafts all beams with the new beam end cap design that fit tightly inside the beam core, and don’t pop out during dismounts.

Competition Specifications

Our Adjustable Club Balance Beam meets USAG, NCAA®, and NFHS competition specifications.

Learn More About Our Adjustable Balance Beams

Elevate your gymnastics balance beam training and unlock new skills with the Adjustable Club Balance Beam from American Athletic. Find a Dealer in your area or call 1-800-247-3978 to purchase one today.

Additional information

Weight 328 lbs
Dimensions 198 × 4 in
Product Numbers

406-540 – Adjustable Club Balance Beam

Adjustment Heights

Lowest: 50 cm
Highest: 125 cm


All Levels
Training or at Regional and National Competitions

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