EVO®-Elite Parallel Bars

AAI EVO® – Elite Parallel Bars have reinforced uprights that provide a stable support when swinging from any position. With a wider range of adjustments athletes are able to complete their skills with confidence, and feel more solid and secure due to the heavier base.

*Used at the 2024 USA Gymnastics Men’s Development Program National Championships

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EVO-Elite Parallel Bars

EVO®-Elite represents a cutting-edge collection of products, designed to provide gymnasts with unparalleled quality equipment, allowing them to fully focus on their performance. Every aspect of these products, from their advanced features to their meticulously crafted design, is dedicated to optimizing performance and pushing boundaries. The EVO®-Elite Gymnastics competition parallel bars feature the latest progressions in p bar equipment, including the most current upgrades in performance, stability, and adjustability.

Experience stability and confidence when practicing skills on our meticulously crafted parallel bars. The reinforced, tiered, uprights ensure a rock-solid base, offering unwavering support for even the most challenging parallel bar skills. Our innovative design includes a heavier base that minimizes movement during single bar skills. Enjoy a wider range of adjustments, empowering you to complete parallel bar skills with confidence and precision.

Gymnastics Parallel Bars Characteristics

Introducing the EVO-Elite Parallel Bars, the pinnacle of parallel bars performance and innovation. This cutting-edge apparatus redefines what it means to push the boundaries of balance, precision, and skill.

Strong Foundation

Empower your parallel bar performance and feel enhanced stability with the inclusion of a robust structural steel base. Measuring 8 and ½ inches wider than typical parallel bars and contributing an additional 35 lbs. of weight. The added weight and width provide a solid foundation for executing strong and more complex parallel bar skills.


The EVO-Elite Gymnastics Parallel Bars offer customizable adjustability. Effortlessly modify the height and width of the bars to suit your specific needs. Alter the height from 165 cm and incrementally increase by 5 cm, all the way up to 225 cm.  Similarly, you can adjust the width, ranging from 15 inches to a maximum of 26 inches, ensuring the perfect dimensions for your training or competition needs.

Upgraded Locking Technology

Experience enhanced security and uncompromised safety with our revolutionary E-Lock. It’s specifically designed to provide a stronger hold on the parallel bar upright. With this cutting-edge feature, you can have complete peace of mind, as the E-Lock effortlessly locks into place, guaranteeing a secure position while executing parallel bar skills.

Sleek and Durable Design

The surface of the bars are crafted from premium FIG approved, fiberglass Graphite II composite that provide the feel of wood with the resilience and strength of fiberglass composites.

Our parallel bars feature a modular base design, allowing for convenient breakdown into sections, facilitating effortless transport and hassle-free set-up.

Learn More About Our EVO®- Elite Parallel Bars

Break boundaries and defy gravity with confidence on AAI’s EVO®-Elite Parallel Bars. Experience the evolution of gymnastics parallel bars and unlock your true potential. Find a Dealer in your area or call 1-800-247-3978 to purchase today.


Additional information

Weight 675 lbs
Product Numbers

407-924 – EVO®-Elite Parallel Bars
416-213 – EVO®-Elite Parallel Bars Domestic 20cm Mat System

Adjustment Heights

Lowest:165 cm
170 cm
175 cm
180 cm
185 cm
190 cm
195 cm
200 cm
205 cm
210 cm
215 cm
220 cm
Highest: 225 cm

Adjustment Width

Lowest: 15 inches
Widest: 26 inches


All Levels
Training or Competition

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