EVO®-Elite Uneven Bars

The EVO® -Elite Uneven Bars have dual engraved markings on the uprights and pistons for FIG and developmental programs, making these bars great for all levels. In addition, there has been an upgrade in piston size, with an extended 10cm these bars now accommodate taller gymnasts.


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EVO®-Elite Gymnastics Uneven Bars

EVO®-Elite represents a cutting-edge collection of products, designed to provide gymnasts with unparalleled quality equipment, allowing them to fully focus on their performance. Every aspect of these products, from their advanced features to their meticulously crafted design, is dedicated to optimizing performance and pushing boundaries.

The EVO®-Elite Uneven Bars feature the latest progressions in uneven bar gymnastics equipment, including the most current upgrades in convenience, adjustability, and stability.

Equipped with the 10 cm extended pistons to accommodate taller gymnasts, dual engraved marking for ease of convenience when adjusting to the ideal height and swiveling tie-downs that ensure load distribution between the cables and floor anchors.

Gymnastics Uneven Bars Characteristics

Presenting the EVO®-Elite Uneven Bars, the superior of gymnastics uneven bars. This advanced apparatus is equipped with limitless features that make uneven bar training and competition simple without sacrificing performance.


Having the ability to adjust the height and width of the uneven bars is crucial for accommodating gymnasts of various sizes and skill levels. Our one spot width adjustment system allows for faster bar setting in between athletes. Simply adjust the cabling system, rear spreader (front spreader is fixed), and pistons for quick modifications to accommodate the gymnast’s preferences.

Experience enhanced versatility and inclusivity with AAI’s new Extended Piston. This new feature allows the bars to easily accommodate taller athletes, extending the height by an additional 10 cm. Providing ample room for athletes of varying heights to train at their best.

Dual Engraved Markings

Additionally, these uneven bars are equipped with dual engraved markings on both the uprights and extended pistons. The clear and precise markings make it effortless to identify and adjust the width setting, ensuring optimal height for your athlete. Markings included for both FIG and Development Program levels.

Swiveling Tie-Downs

Install the swiveling tie-downs with ease! Thoughtfully designed to transfer any of the load from the cables to the securely installed floor anchors. As a result, this guarantees efficient load distribution and optimal stability during uneven bar routines.

Graphite E-Rail vs Graphite X-Rail

When deciding between our Graphite E-Rail and Graphite X-Rail for your EVO®-Elite Uneven Bars, there are key differences to consider. First, the Graphite E-Rail offers flexibility, mimicking the feel of wood while maintaining the strength and resilience of fiberglass. It achieves this through a construction featuring a hollow fiberglass core, securely laminated with a wood veneer on the outside.

On the other hand, the Graphite X-Rail has increased rigidity with approximately 15-17% more graphite strands used in its construction. Like the E-Rail, it also has a hollow fiberglass core and is securely laminated with a wood veneer on the exterior. Depending on your preference, each option has its unique advantages to enhance your uneven bars performance.

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Additional information

Weight 303 lbs
Item Number

407-936 – EVO®-Elite Uneven Bars with X-Rails
407-937 – EVO®-Elite Uneven Bars with E-Rails

Adjustment Heights

Low Bar
Lowest: 61 inches
Highest: 76 ¾ inches

High Bar
Lowest: 92 ½ inches
Highest: 108 ¼ inches


All Levels
Training or Competition

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