Folding Mats

These mats are lightweight, easy-to-handle with superior protection and performance. Choose your foam, size, fastener, and color!


Folding Mats

AAI has been a producer of innovative, high quality, high value mats for 65+ years. These mats are lightweight, easy-to-handle products with superior protection and performance. AAI was one of the first companies to use polyethylene foams, vinyl coated fabrics, and hook and loop fasteners. We later introduced cross-linked polyethylene foams that became the industry standard.


We use foams and combinations of foams to increase performance, protection and value. Mats that may be less expensive, but need to be replaced often, do not represent good value for your money. This is why at AAI, we use only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our product line features polyethylene foams used singly and in combination to produce superior results. Our mat interiors contain several kinds of cross-link and closed cell polyethylene and several densities of polyurethane foams. The longer our mats last in your program, the greater the value of your purchase.


Our standard vinyl cover is an 18 oz. coated fabric that has proven to be extremely durable. It is available in 16 colors and contains anti-microbial compounds. All AAI vinyl covers can be washed with soap and water for cleaning. Countless AAI mats have been in continuous use for 10 years – some for up to 30 years – and are still going strong.


AAI offers most of our mats in three attachment configurations. Order without hook and loop fasteners (V-0), with 2″ wide hook and loop fasteners on the two ends of the mat (V-2) or with 2″ wide hook and loop fasteners on all four sides of the mat (V-4).


These are our highest performance folding mats. The basic protective foam in each model is cross-linked polyethylene, with polyurethane also used in new combination constructions. These EM mats are very durable and provide superior shock attenuation for most athletic activities, including gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling.


These mats are designed for teaching gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling and other athletic skills to youngsters up through age twelve. Mat softness combined with very good shock attenuation is particularly important as these youngsters learn new skills. The basic protective foams are polyethylene and polyurethane, used singly and in combinations.


AAI makes custom designed and configured mats. Most of our standard mats are priced by the square foot so you can order them in virtually any size and configuration. We are equipped to design and build protective padding for almost any application. Inquiries and requests for prices on custom made products are always welcome. Contact the factory at 1-800-247-3978.