Loose Foam Training Pit

From beginning to advanced techniques, AAI pits provide the soft landing area required for today’s advanced gymnastics.


Pit Edging

Made from the same great materials as our foam bonded carpet and used for padded edging in your in-ground training pits.

  • Typically 6 – 8′ deep, filled with foam blocks
  • Compatible with most AAI equipment
  • Covers 14” of the concrete floor and 22” inside the in-ground pit wall
  • Consists of cross-link polyethylene foam bonded to a low pile blue carpet with finished edges in sections of 2” thick and 6’ length

Foam Cubes

Provides a combination of softness, durability and safe landing.

  • Foam cubes fill rate: 75% minimum
  • Available in 6”x 6”x 6” and 8”x 8”x 8” sizes
  • Standard blue with other color options available

Trampoline Bed

  • A trampoline bed mounted 2ft. above the bottom of the pit which provides support for loose foam cubes as well as floor clearance

Foam Pylons

For added safety & longevity, AAI foam modules can be placed below the trampoline bed providing additional support.

  • Foam Pylons are 2’ x 2’x 2’ in shape (61 x 61 x 61cm)
  • Help minimize sag over time
  • Typically spaced 6’ on center(3’ (91cm) from walls)

*No pit of any kind can completely eliminate the possibility of a serious neck or back injury. Every effort must be taken to avoid landing on the head or neck, especially going forward. Careful gymnastic progression must be followed to avoid dangerous landings on the neck.