Men’s Premier Single Bar Trainer


Best for training high level athletes doing high level skills.

  • Bars adjust from 92-1/2’’to 102-5/8″ (235cm to 265cm) in 5cm increments
  • 12′ x 6′ Footprint
  • Great action for release moves
  • Can easily transfer skills to uneven bars or horizontal bars
  • Simulates competitive top rail
  • Best for training elite level skills
  • Works well the AAI Universal Spotting Platform
  • Floor plates included for concrete floor installation

Item Numbers

  • 407-505 Premier SBT w/ Men’s Bar – wt. 161 lbs. (73kg)
Recommendation: Based on data supplied by the FIG Safety Symposium, American Athletic, Inc. STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that horizontal bars and collars be replaced every three year to reduce the possibility of bar breakage. The newer moved being performed are applying greater impact loads and vibrations to the bar and its support structure.