Modular Training Pit


Pit Edging

  • Helps athlete gain confidence from loose foam to landing mat
  • Consists of cross-link polyethylene foam bonded to a low pile blue carpet with finished edges in sections of 2” thick and 6’ length
  • Covers 14” of the concrete floor and 22” inside the in-ground pit wall

Top Skill Cushion

  • 18 oz. vinyl cover, mesh top and/or sides
  • Top mat can be rotated to double life span
  • Top mat can be flush with, above, or below the floor surface
  • Mesh Top and/or sides allow the pit to breathe during impact

Foam Pylons

  • Foam Pylons vary in size depending on pit size
  • Increases cushioning for training
  • Bare base foam modules can minimize cost
  • Customized foam firmness upon request

*No pit of any kind can completely eliminate the possibility of aserious neck or back injury. Every effort must be taken to avoid landingon the head or neck, especially going forward. Careful gymnasticprogression must be followed to avoid dangerous landings on the neck.

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