NEW Beam End Cap Replacement

The updated design uses foam that tightly fits inside the beam core, which then provides a better bounce for the athlete.
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Balance Beam End Cap Replacement

Meet the new and improved end caps for your AAI Balance Beam. These are the perfect solution to enhance stability, and protection during beam routines and dismounts. Our newly engineered end caps eliminate the frustration of old ones that would pop out, providing gymnasts with a secure and reliable beam dismount.

End Cap Dimensions

Our newly designed beam end caps are the same size as the previous model and fit inside standard AAI Balance Beams.

Beam End Cap Characteristics

The improved design is easy to put in and harder to get out! Eliminating the frustration of old ones that would pop out. Key features include enhanced durability, secure fit, compatibility, and easy installation.

Enhanced Durability

Designed with a specially engineered foam that tightly fits inside the beam core, it not only enhances the athlete’s bounce but also effectively resolves the issue of loosening during routines on the balance beam.

Secure Fit

Experience a different level of confidence with our snug-fitting end caps. We understand the importance of security on the balance beam, especially during dismounts. Our innovative design ensures a tight fit, minimizing the risk of unexpected dislodgement.


Already own an AAI Balance Beam with the previous end cap model? No problem! Our balance beam end caps are now a standard feature on all new AAI beams, reflecting their proven reliability and superior performance. They fit tightly into the beam core. Ensuring a secure fit that withstands dismounts without the risk of popping out.

*Sold as a set of 2

Easy Installation

Installing the updated beam end caps is simple. The user-friendly design ensures a quick and hassle-free process, creating little to no downtime in your gym so you can focus on your gymnasts.

Learn More About Our New Beam End Cap Replacement

Upgrade your balance beams to the newly designed beam end caps – order your pair and experience the difference firsthand! Find a Dealer in your area or call 1-800-247-3978 to purchase a set today.

Additional information

Product Number

420-020 Beam End Cap Replacement Kit

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