EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse

Our EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse has a combination of top-grade leather and selected performance foam, to provide the best feel for the athletes performance.


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EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse

EVO®-Elite represents a cutting-edge collection of products, designed to provide gymnasts with unparalleled quality equipment, allowing them to fully focus on their performance. Every aspect of these products, from their advanced features to their meticulously crafted design, is dedicated to optimizing performance and pushing boundaries.

The EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse features the latest advances in gymnastics pommel horse equipment, including premium quality materials, detailed design, and adjustability.

AAI’s EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse is crafted with premium quality leather, performance foam, and wood laminated pommels that provide the finest feel for athletes. Having a wide, steel base with parallel legs makes for a sturdy framework to complete complex pommel skills on. Chrome plated pistons made from heavy wall steel tubing with grooves allow for precision when adjusting the pommel horse.

Pommel Horse Dimensions

AAI’s EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse measures 5 feet 6 ½ inches by 4 feet 3 ½ inches and weighs 408 lbs. Consult with your local AAI rep on specific spacing recommendations for your gym. Always refer to current FIG Code of Points or USAG Rules and policies for equipment spacing specifics.

Pommel Horse Gymnastics Equipment Characteristics

The evolution continues with the EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse. This innovative apparatus delivers cutting-edge performance through high-quality and design. Take your pommel horse skills to the next level with EVO®-Elite.

Crafted With Quality

A combination of top-grade leather, specially selected performance foam, and wood laminated pommels provide a secure and comfortable grip for the athlete so they can perform at their best. Because of the high-quality materials chosen, the EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse is a durable apparatus that remains strong, even after enduring numerous intense training sessions.

Detailed Design

The detailed design of the EVO®-Elite Pommel Horse is what sets it apart from others in the industry. Offering an optimal surface texture for an ideal grip and stable foundation aids athletes in conquering their challenging and intricate routines.


With the new internal spring mechanism, adjusting from various heights is simple. Use the spin and snap lock, then raise or lower to your desired height. Select from two different widths for the wood laminated pommel handles. Having the ability to easily adjust the pommel horse allows proper positioning for each athlete. With the use of both spin and snap locks, a secure adjustment is guaranteed when transitioning between athletes.

EVO® Expertise

Experience the difference with EVO®-Elite. This pommel horse is carefully crafted from premium leather and features a robust steel body design enabling the gymnast to perform challenging skills. This pommel horse redefines excellence.

Recover Your Pommel Horse

Do you have an aging pommel horse that has seen better days? Allow one of our skilled technicians to perform a pommel horse recovery, bringing it back to life. With their remarkable expertise and attention to detail, our technicians can restore your equipment to a factory-fresh appearance! Reach out to an AAI dealer to get started!

Learn More About Our EVO®- Elite Pommel Horse

Whether you’re perfecting your skills or aiming for the gold, the EVO®- Elite Pommel Horse is here to elevate your performance and unlock your true potential. Find a Dealer in your area or call 1-800-247-3978 to purchase one today.


Additional information

Weight 408 lbs
Item Number


Height Adjustments

Lowest: 95 cm
100 cm
105 cm
110 cm
115 cm
120 cm
125 cm
130 cm
Highest: 135 cm


All Levels
Training or Competition

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