EVO®-Elite Ring Tower

Showcase your incredible strength and control while confidently executing challenging routines on the EVO®-Elite rings. It has a 40% lighter frame that allows for easy set-up, yet provides the solid performance athletes need.


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EVO®-Elite Rings

EVO®-Elite represents a cutting-edge collection of products, designed to provide gymnasts with unparalleled quality equipment, allowing them to fully focus on their performance. Every aspect of these products, from their advanced features to their meticulously crafted design, is dedicated to optimizing performance and pushing boundaries.

Featuring a lighter frame, reflex swivel assembly, and dual height adjustments. Providing the most current upgrades to aid athletes in executing flawless routines.

The EVO®-Elite men’s gymnastics rings were designed and engineered with the athlete top-of-mind. With a new tubular design that provides additional strength to the unit, all while achieving a remarkable 40% reduction in weight. This not only simplifies the setup process but also provides the solid performance athletes need during their complex routines.

Gymnastics Ring Tower Dimensions

AAI’s EVO®-Elite gymnastics rings footprint is 18’ x 13’ and weighs 276 lbs. We recommend consulting with your local AAI rep on specific spacing recommendations for your gym. *Always refer to current FIG Code of Points or USAG Rules and policies for equipment spacing specifics.

Ring Tower Characteristics

Introducing the EVO®-Elite gymnastics ring tower that features the finest innovation and performance. Showcase your incredible strength and control while confidently executing challenging routines on the EVO®-Elite rings.

Tubular Design

Crafted with an innovative tubular design, the ring tower gains heighted strength, and has an overall reduction in weight by 40%. This makes it easier to set up and tear down, yet still delivers top-of-the-line performance for gymnasts.


The EVO®- Elite gymnastics ring tower offers dual adjustments at the top of the tower (at the reflex swivels) as well as at the foot of the unit for fine adjustments. Adjust at the foot, from 280 cm to 285 cm up to 290 cm (FIG).

EVO® Performance

Equipped with a reflex spring-loaded, swivel assembly, the gymnast’s shoulders and back experience reduced impact and allow them to train more consistently without feeling fatigued.

The heavy webbing straps also include a leather insert to help reduce wear on the rings and deliver a more secure grip, allowing the gymnast to maintain a secure hold during their routine. With the 3/8” cabling system you can experience improved stability.


The EVO® ring tower features wood rings that are constructed of a multi-laminated beech hardwood veneer and provide the durability and strength athletes need during competition. Tested and approved with double weight requirements established by FIG. They also meet USAG, NCAA, and NFHS competition specifications.

*AAI strongly recommends the rings be replaced every three years to reduce the possibility of ring breakages. The newer moves being performed are applying greater impacts loads on the rings and their support structure.

Learn More About Our EVO®-Elite Rings

Showcase your captivating rings routine on the EVO®- Elite ring tower and experience the EVO® difference. Find a Dealer in your area or call 1-800-247-3978 to purchase one today.


Additional information

Weight 276 lbs
Product Numbers

407-911 – EVO®-Elite Adjustable Ring Tower
407-917 – EVO®-Elite Fixed Ring Tower

Height Adjustments

Lowest: 280 cm
285 cm
Highest: 290 cm


All Levels
Training or Competition

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