NEW!! G2N® Air Spot

The Air Spot is a part of our NEW Air Obstacle line for G2N! The products in this line make for unique additions to your ninja rig that will put your ninja’s abilities to the test. 

It may look like a simple undertaking, but the Air Spot can be more challenging than it looks. Determine your best plan of action to make your way from one to the other without needing a spotter. Each step could challenge you with quick feet, regaining your balance or refocusing to be spot on.

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Make Fitness Fun!

It’s time to test your speed, strength and agility with the G2N® Air Spot obstacle! Make the wrong move and you’ll be on the mat below. The best part about the Air Obstacles line is since they are full of air they offer a softer, more kid-friendly option to your course. Using the straps to hang on for support, hop or swing your way from one spot to the other.

Set Up

Locate the plug and using a small blower, inflate the spot within seconds! The 4 loops around the circumference of the dot are used to suspend the obstacle from your G2N using quick links. Secure the straps on the bottom of the spot using the hook and loop. You’re set to learn new skills needed to progress your ninja abilities, while getting a great workout and having fun at the same time! Made of 18 oz vinyl you’re sure to have a strong, yet soft obstacle to land on if you fall.

  • In stock & ready to ship! (via FedEx)
  • Inflated Spot – 3′ Dia. x 8″ Thick
  • Designed exclusively for G2N Units
  • Set up and inflate within minutes using a small blower. If you don’t have one, purchase them here.
  • Air plug located on side of obstacle
  • Available in 18oz vinyl Gray/Black color scheme
  • Hanging straps and quick links included
  • Straps attach to bottom of product with hook and loop keeping them in place
  • Weighs 34 lbs

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Item Numbers

  • 405-459 – G2N® Air Spot – Each

Additional information

Dimensions 29 × 9 × 9 in