Stratum® Vault Board

This popular vault board provides dynamic results with black oxide springs that produce an active rebound the gymnast needs.


  • FIG Approved
  • Meets USAG, NCAA®, NFHS and AAU competition specifications
  • Number of springs can be adjusted to meet the needs of the gymnast’s weight and abilities
  • Black oxide springs provide active rebound the gymnast need

Item Numbers

  • 407-259 Stratum® (6 Springs) Vault Board, Soft Version (FIG) – 60 lbs. (27kg)
  • 407-258 Stratum® (8 Springs) Vault Board, Hard Version (FIG) – 60 lbs. (27kg)
  • 407-257 Stratum® Soft Non-removable 5-Coil Vault Board
  • 407-228 Stratum® Adjustable 8-Coil Vault Board – approved at all levels
  • 407-235 Stratum® Vault Board Recovery Kit – 8 lbs. (3.6kg)