“One of my strongest memories of AAI was during Christmas of 1973. As a parting gift, Bill Sorenson went through the entire factory and office, giving each employee a handful of silver dollar coins. Bill even removed his suit jacket, laid on a dolly, and rolled under a trampoline loom to give one employee his gift. The other most memorable occasions involved supplying the equipment for the 1984 and 1996 Olympic Games. We spent an entire month at each event installing floor plates in the training and warm-up gyms, setting up the equipment, and supervising the training gyms and podium training — for over 12 hours every day. We all shared in the moment when the men won the 1984 Team Gold Medal and the women won the 1996 Team Gold Medal as crowning achievements for the hundreds of hours of hard work and sacrifice… we had done our part to enable the USA Olympic Teams to become Olympic Champions.”